I have a few questions, can you answer them?

How much does our group profit?
Our cookie dough sells for $14, $16 and $17 depending on the flavors. Your group will earn $7 per box of cookies sold .

Do I have to pay sales tax?
Your group is responsible for sales tax unless you are a non-profit organization with tax exempt status. A copy of your organization’s tax exempt certificate must be submitted at the time of requesting the fundraiser materials.

How do we pay for the cookies?
Once you submit your order, we will let you know the amount due for the cookies. You have three business days to pay. We accept organization checks, money orders and cashier/bank checks. We do not offer credit card payments at this time. We ask that you send your payment either overnight or priority 2-3 day shipping. Once your payment is sent, you will then email us the tracking number for the mailing.

Do we have to order by case?
Yes, each case contains 6 boxes of cookie dough. This means that depending on how many boxes are ordered of each flavor, you may have a few extra boxes of each flavor. These boxes are included in the amount due when placing the order with Cookies R Us. Any money that you receive upon selling these extra boxes after your fundraiser is complete will be for your organization to keep in its entirety.

Do you offer prizes?
We do not have a prize program but do offer an incentive for schools. Sell 3,000 - 5,999 boxes = earn $500 extra profit! Sell 6,000 or more boxes = earn $1,000 extra profit! Offering incentives for your sellers such as top seller prizes, classroom/team parties, etc. usually motivates the sellers to reach your goals.

Will you deliver to a residential address?
We will deliver to a home or a business in a residential neighborhood for a fee of $55.

Do you offer packing by seller/student?
Our shipments are not pre-sorted, however, we do offer it for $0.57 per box if your organization is interested.
Do you offer ship-to-the-home?
Yes, we offer a program called eCoupons. Ask us about it!

Does your product contain traces of nuts?
While not every flavor contains nut products, our facility does produce varieties containing nuts. If you have allergies to nut or tree nut products, it is not recommended you consume our products

If you have any questions during your sale, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-470-2558 or send us an email at info@cookiesrus.net and we’ll be happy to assist you!


Stack up the chips and watch your profits soar!

$7 profit per box sold!